...by Daniel Szego
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Daniel Szego

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Notes on IT Technology partnerships

Let we summarized some possible technological partnership that are typical in the IT field. Among the others we can consider:
- Product based technology partnership: is usually a partnership between a software product manufacturer and a partner company. The partner company can develop the basic technology of the manufacturer further, like implementing add-ins, custom plug ins and extensions.
- Platform based technology partnership: In this special example, the manufacturer do not sell a ready to go product, instead a general platform that provides the possibility of creating a range of different products. Typical cooperation example that the manufacturer provides only the framework and the partner companies realize projects on top. 
- Reseller: It is a typical sales partnership. The partner company resells the product of a manufacturer for a certain sales marge. 
- Exclusive partner: The partner has got exclusive right for a certain territory, it is usually a re seller style of cooperation, however a rather technological focus is also possible. 
- Distributor: The distributor in software industry usually has got a the possibility to build a partner network and acting directly in a specific field as the manufacturer itself and getting sales revenue not only after the direct but after the partner sales as well.  
- Exclusive distributor: combining the previous models with some exclusive rights for a certain territory.