...by Daniel Szego
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Daniel Szego

Monday, January 30, 2017

How to build up consulting business based on the technology Blockchain

Considering the fact that Blockchain is in the Hype phase it is important to analyse the possibilities how consulting business can be built up based on the technology. If we consider the standard consulting business, Blockchain has more or less similar characteristics as the standard technologies:

- Infrastructure: Infrastructure consulting is relevant if we consider private or corporate Blockchain solutions. In these scenarios it is important to analyse how many P2P nodes should be set up, where should be these nodes set up considering the internal corporate networks and firewall settings. In case of a public Blockchain solution infrastructure consulting is much less relevant. 

- Development: certainly the most important part of each application is the development. It contains on the one hand implementing Blockchain Apps, like Smart Contracts on the Blockchain, on the other hand related applications like web user interfaces communicating with the Blockchain. 

- Testing - Quality Assurance: This part is much more important than with standard software development as Blockchain applications usually planned to be highly secure highly available applications usually with strong cryptography requirements.  

- Classical Consulting: As the field is pretty complex general consulting is an important element of the area as well. Typically simply choosing the necessary Blockchain platform might be a complex issues, like choosing between Proof of Work, Proof of Stake, or public private or corporate Blockchain solutions. If low-code or no-code applications will be possible for application development, importance of the general consulting will be much higher.