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Daniel Szego

Saturday, October 28, 2017

What is the difference between a real estate and a cryptocurrency

This was actually a general question in of of the community blog, however it is interesting generally, so I try to answer it generally.

Both cryptocurrencies and real estates are assets. The only difference is that a cryptocurrency is digital asset meaning the ownership is guaranteed by network protocols and cryptography. On the other hand, a real estate is a physical asset, meaning that even if they are administrated by a Blockchain protocol, the value of the ownership of the asset is guaranteed by the government.   

It is important to note however, that in both cases only the ownership of the asset is guaranteed, the value itself is not guaranteed. In both cases the value of the asset is based on pure market mechanism, namely on supply and demand. It is certainly true that at the moment the price volatility of a real estate is much smaller than at a cryptocurrency, however this might change on a long run because of the network effect, as cryptocurrencies will be reaching mainstream adaptation.