...by Daniel Szego
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Daniel Szego

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Designing a generalized Cryptokiities style game framework on the blockchain

Cryptokitties is a genial blockchain game, however it should be extended into a more generalized framework. The collectible crypto animals should have dynamic properties as well, like they should be able to learn things and behave somehow in a more dynamic environment. Such a game might lool like as the followings:
- Users could have contactable cryptoanimals.  
- These cryptoanimals could be mutated or evolved.
- The cryptoaimals could be explicitly trained as well. 
- There could be different kinds of a matches or competitions between the cryptoanimals, like: 
   - who can navigate through on a labyrinth faster.
   - who can capture a flag on a field faster. 
   - who can  perform better in a sense on a simulated field. 
   - perhaps battles or team sports, like a version of football could also be played.
- Based on the match result, there could be some resources won that can be used for like making new mutations or training cycle for the cryptoanimal.