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Daniel Szego

Friday, December 25, 2020

Hyperledger Fabric CLI commands summarized


Some of the most important Fabric CLI commands are the followings.

Create channel:

  peer channel create

Fetching block and channel information, it is required at new peer joining the netwotk:

  peer channel fetch

Joining the channel:  

  peer channel join

Listing channels:

  peer channel list

Updating channels: (like at sending anchor peer update)

  peer channel update

Package chanincode:

  peer lifecycle chaincode package

Installing chaincode (must be executed at each peer):

  lifecycle chaincode install

Query installed chaincode

  lifecycle chaincode install

Approve chaincode (it must be executed at each organisation)

  peer lifecycle chaincode approveformyorg

Check if chaincode is ready for the commitment

  lifecycle chaincode checkcommitreadiness

Committing chaincode

  peer lifecycle chaincode commit

Check if chaincode is committed

  peer lifecycle chaincode querycommitted

Invoking chaincode

  peer chaincode invoke

Query chaincode

  peer chaincode query