...by Daniel Szego
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Daniel Szego

Friday, January 19, 2018

Decentralized App store or DApp store

As blockchain technology slowly goes into the mainstream at least from a the marketing point if view, it might be a good question which applications are generally required for industrial scenarios. On such an application is surely something similar as a decentralized app store, which works similarly as a classical app store only for DApps. So, let we take a look which functionality should be put into such a general DApp store:

- Trusted name service: Name service should give something as a general unique, human readable name for each of the DApps. The name should be associated with a certain properties of the Dapp itself, like addresses, the ABI description files and some meta information regarding the DApp. The name service should be trusted, meaning that only people having certain private keys for the DApp should be able to update the information. It might be a further function to be able to delete certain DApp. 

- Discovery: one way for getting the information about the Apps might be simply based on the name of the DApp. However, more sophisticated discovery services can be imagined as well, like getting information based on DApp meta-information, description or even based on the ABI file.

It is certainly questionable how such a discovery can be realized in an efficient way. Further question if such a system should be blockchain specific or there is a way to realize such a functionalities in a multi or cross blockchain way.