...by Daniel Szego
"On a long enough timeline we will all become Satoshi Nakamoto.."
Daniel Szego

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

On the need of tokenized business and computational models.

Inevitable to most natural style of designing a blockchain application is to imagine a kind of a token model as a basic working mechanism. For that however we would need both the missing theory and practice as well to work with tokenized models, like inventing tokanized business models and/or tokenized computational architectures. Examples include but not limited to:
- tokenized data flow
- tokenized Turing machine
- tokenized Neumann architecture
- tokenized accounting systems and tripple accounting
- tokenized business management
- tokenized business models
- tokenized business cooperation models
- tokenized machine learning
- tokenized AI
- ...
And last but not least we would need general frameworks to abstractly model and describe tokens and collaboration of tokens.