...by Daniel Szego
"On a long enough timeline we will all become Satoshi Nakamoto.."
Daniel Szego

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Decentralized Gamified Orgnasitation

The employment models, the corporate structures, the organisations and actually the whole work culture are in a heavy changing phase throughout the world. The reason is for that that most of the structures and philosophy comes from the industrial age where the basic model was the conveyor belt which was more or less adapted the white collar jobs, including job descriptions, job hierarchies, performance based measurement and of course the most hyped nowadays word is business efficiency. 

In the last fifty - sixty years this seemed to be pretty normal, spending eight hours in a workplace, doing well-defined intellectual work, like filling excel tables and being measured by that efficiency. However, this model does not seem to be longer maintainable. One reason is for that the increasing amount of automation of the white collar jobs, the other reason is the increasing presence of the artificial intelligence. This implies on the one hand a changed skill set from the employee side, like perhaps more flexibility, more creativity, social skills and even skills to work with artificial intelligence. On the other hand, it simply implies radically different organisations and organisation structures and I do not only mean that the corporation is located in several continents and instead of personal meeting there will be online meetings, but actually radically different organisation structure. 

As certainly noone knows how such an organisation structure would look like, there are some elements that can be identified: 
- The new organisation structure should not be only online but actually must born as decentralized and online. 
- It should be less look like as a nowadays classical organisation but rather something as a nowadays community. 
- It should not be based on processes but rather on some general internal rules that might be even changed by the community. 
- The whole internal working structure should be based on tokens and tradable tokens with maximum transparency. 
-  Every activity that can be automated should be automated or supported by automation like artificial intelligence. 
-  Overall where people work the work itself should be maximally gamified. Human performance should be reached overall by playing games. 
- There should be the possibility actually to play different style of games to do the same corporate activity.
- The border of the organisation should not be handled too seriously, the corporate "game" must be played together with vendors, suppliers, customers....

If it seems to be idealistic just imagine that the Linux foundation and the whole open source community; it works pretty much similarly and as practically Linux has beaten Microsoft Windows in the operation system competition, I would say, they were pretty much successful.  

Let we call the new organisation structure as Decetralized Gamified Organisation.