...by Daniel Szego
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Daniel Szego

Friday, December 29, 2017

notes on the increasing need of enterprise IT support

Our IT systems are getting more and more complicated every day. That is actually not a surprising fact, what is however more surprising that the possibility for getting support does not seem to keep up with the technology changes. As an example about 15 years ago installing an enterprise software meant to have something as a stable release, that is tested and runs more or less in a stable way with an install guide install software sometimes checking prerequisites as well. Nowadays the situation seems to be more complicated, probably due to the lean agile methodologies. 

There is not anymore something as a stable release, check the releases on git and try to install the version that you like. There is no real documentation about the prerequisites, there is usually a list of software that surely needed but which version is compatible with the software that you want to install is pretty questionable. If there is something as an install, it is usually a script which runs sometime but does not run in other situations and well if it does not run it is actually for you to edit and modify. And on top you find usually zero documentation, at most some Readme.md files or some hints with the repository or in social forums.