...by Daniel Szego
"On a long enough timeline we will all become Satoshi Nakamoto.."
Daniel Szego

Friday, December 29, 2017

The rise of the new technology elite

With the current trends and dynamics of changing technologies and business environments, old fashioned company leading techniques and management techniques simply do not have the chance. High tech companies can be only lead with a real hard-core, real high-tech and geek mindset with first case experience in the field. Any other strategy will simply not be able to keep track of the changes and define strategy even in a couple of years ahead. 

It works even with very simple examples, a software development methodology can not be efficiently lead by people who never ever wrote a piece of code. Similarly, infrastructure management can be efficiently managed by people who already did configure live systems and perhaps made outages as well. However, perhaps the best example is general software strategy: if you want to predict the next generation of IT services, you must simply have the first-hand, in-depth experience with a couple of technology changes. The situation is perfectly demonstrated by the fact that old-fashioned management schools offer technology oriented courses, like Artificial Intelligence in sales, or Big Data in Human Resources.