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Daniel Szego

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Notes on SharePoint hybrid environments

Considering the new directions of SharePoint from Microsoft, I would note a couple if things:
- Building up hybrid technologies (partly cloud, partly on-premisse) makes SharePoint environment more difficult as ever. You do not only need SharePoint infrastructure, developer and business consultants, but cloud infrastructure and development experts as well.
- I am not sure if it provides a real value for an end-customer. I mean, a standard user needs some IT functionality that runs stable if it is on the cloud, on-premisse or hybrid does not really matter, at least not from end user perspective...
- From an internal CIO perspective having a hybrid environment does not necessarily make sense, actually with a hybrid environment you have both the problems of the on premisse and the new challenges of the cloud. Despite it perhaps make sense having a hybrid environment if there are some motivations to outsource only part of your IT infrastructure, like  for security reasons, or simply because clound is simply too new and perhaps too risky.