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Daniel Szego

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Notes on offline availability measures...

Considering the wider-spreading of cloud solutions nowadays and the sometimes still limited possibility of full scale online availability, it is important to define if a certain solution or software is available offline as well or not. Therefore we define the followings terminology and definitions.

Let s be a certain cloud solutions or software. Let Fall(s) be the number of all functionalities or services provided by the s cloud solution. Let Foffline(s) be the number of functionalities or services that are still available even if the cloud solution is offline. So we can define the offline capability of a cloud service as:

Coffline(s)Foffline(s) / Fall(s) 

The number of services that are available offline per the total number of services. 

Similarly we can define the amount of time until the cloud service can remain offline but working further, as cloud service availability.

Aoffline = the amount of time until a the cloud service can operate offline as well...