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Daniel Szego

Friday, October 2, 2020

How to get test DAI on Kovan


Getting test tokens on the test nets are not always simple. As an example on Kovan for getting test DAI for ethere, you can use the following repo: https://github.com/Daniel-Szego/DAIFaucet

The process is simply: 

Getting DAI test tokens on Kovan

Simple interface for changing ETH to DAI with the help of Uniswap

Kovan deployment: 0x786e3c83cd270414649079A758Ad92f961EDdA0A

Usage (Kovan only): 

Send ether to the DAIFaucet smart contract: 0x786e3c83cd270414649079A758Ad92f961EDdA0A
be sure that the gas limit is high enough, like 300.000 because it is a contract call

Changed DAI token will be available on your address. We use DAI token with address (on Kovan) : 0x4F96Fe3b7A6Cf9725f59d353F723c1bDb64CA6Aa

Exchange rate depends on Uniswap, it can be far from the mainnet exchange rates

Kovan DAI test tokens only, do not use it in production !