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Daniel Szego

Friday, June 5, 2015

Comparing SharePoint on premise with Office365 based on agile technology curve

Agile technology curves provide the possibility to compare a SharePoint 2013 on premise scenario with an Office365 one. 

Set up time and cost (before Q1): Set up time with Office365 is pretty fast, one has to order the applications and functionalities and everything is ready in minutes. Supposing an on premise SharePoint scenario, everything has to be installed from scratch that takes of course more time. From the licensing point of view usually Office365 is cheaper than SharePoint.

Effective agile development (between Q1 and Q2): From an agile development point of view the two solutions are pretty much the same at the beginning phase, there is a possibility to deliver very fast standard configuration elements like lists webparts or document libraries, it is a little bit more difficult to configure html, css or javascript elements.   

Architecture limit (after Q2): The main different is the architecture limit. With SharePoint 2013 on premise there is still the possibility to extend the framework or integrate external systems with farm level development, sandbox, business connectivity services or custom service applications. Considering Office365 most of the framework extensions are  simply not possible; the only way to realize some extension is to develop a provider hosted App, which requires a high expertise and can not be carried out very fast. 

Figure 1. Agile technology curve of Sharepoint 2013 on premise and Office 365.