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Daniel Szego

Friday, June 5, 2015

Technology curve for Agile development à la rapid application development

If we work with a Rapid Application Development framework, like SharePoint or K2, than there is always a long period where use cases can be realized very fast with relative little cost. These frameworks are ideal for Agile development.

Set up time and cost: Setting up the Rapid Application Framework means buying and installing the framework. Setting up can be costly and takes time despite relative few use cases are covered in this period.

Effective agile development: Rapid application framework has got a long effective agile development phase. In this phase use cases can be rolled out very fast by consultants or developers for low cost. 

Architecture limit: As soon as the architecture limits reached the development will be much slower, as practically the framework itself has to be further developed. It usually requires special development knowledge; in some cases only the framework provider is allowed to make such changes.

Figure 1. Technology curve of a Rapid Application Development Framework.