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Daniel Szego

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Technology curve for Agile development à la technology extention

Sometimes the situation is not so simple that one technology is used overall in the project, despite the project starts with one basic technology and extended in the middle with another one. As an example as we start a project with a standard SharePoint development and as the use cases are being evolved we decide to cover some of the functionalities with a modified architecture, SharePoint and Nintex installation. It practically means that in the middle of the agile project there is a peak, a secondary set up time as we practically install Nintex. That practically means that we should consider in the future the mixed technology curve of the two different technologies. For example in this case it implies that the effective agile development phase is much more extended, in other word technology limits will be reached later. 

Figure 1, Agile curve for technology extension.