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Daniel Szego

Friday, June 5, 2015

Technology curve for Agile development à la SharePoint

Let we see how the agile characteristic look like, if we use SharePoint as a framework to delivers use cases to our customer. 

Set up time and cost: Installing the infrastructure, setting up the service applications, creating the first web  applications and site collections.

Effective agile development: SharePoint has got several phases for agile development. Firtly standard elements can be configured in which period use cases can be delivered very fast. Secondly HTML and CSS elements can be configured; it requires more time and competence. Last but not least full JavaScript extensions can be developed. Actually the situation is more complicated as there are some extensions, like business connectivity services that help in creating external system integration pretty fast.

Architecture limit: If limits are reached the architecture has to be extended or external systems have to be integrated like with the help of farms solutions or provider hosted apps. There might be a situation as the Architecture limit can be overcome only from Microsoft, which practically means that no delivery time or cost can be foreseen.

Figure 1. Agile technology curve for SharePoint