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Daniel Szego

Friday, June 5, 2015

Technology curve for Agile development à la software product

So let we see how an agile development characteristic looks like if we buy and install a classical software product. Examples can be Apps for mobile or SharePoint or classical software products like WinZip.

Set up time and cost: Set up time is practicaly the installation of the product itself. It is usually pretty fast, the explicite product cost can be however a huger amount of money. On the other hand a lot of functianlity is delivered at install.

Effective agile development: A classical product does not provide too much effective agile possibility. A couple of things can be configured and perhaps small add-ins can be developed, but that is all.

Architecture limit: The limit of the architecture if uses cases can not be  provided by the product. If architecture limit has been reached than the product itself has to be further developed that usually means a lot of effort and time.

Figure 1. Agile Technology curve for software product.