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Daniel Szego

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Technology curve for Agile development à la development from the basics

So let we see how a development curve look like if we use some very general and basic environment for out development. From a theoretical point of view it is something like a Turing machine, although surely nobody programs Turing machines. From a practical point of view it can be some very general programming language and environment, like C or C++.

Set up time: Almost no setup time or cost: at most installing a basic environment and or setting projects team.

Effective development phase: It is pretty much questionable if one can speak about effective or agile development phase for this scenario as setting up the business cases requires a lot of efforts as everything has to be implemented from scratch.

Architecture limit: Practical there is not architecture limit apart from some theoretical ones like uncountable languages. However on a long run there can be some practical limits, if the already implemented amount code needs to be reconstructed.

Figure 1. Technology curve for developing from basics.