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Daniel Szego

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Business Application Mining

Considering the recent trends of data-mining, that data-mining tools are getting cheaper and easier to be integrated each day, it makes sense to raise the question how we can make general application development easier with the help of data-mining tools. 

Let we define generally the field Business Application Mining is an area for systematically analyzing business data with data-mining tools in order to create full or partly automatically software applications or improve existing applications.

The field has got some common characteristic with Process Mining however Process Mining focuses mainly on Processes and the analysis is not always based on data-mining tools but rather on manual analysis.   

We can define the following major sub-fields and sub -areas:
- Creating Business Application based on data analysis automatically.
- Creating Business Application in a traditional way, but improving the analysis with business data-mining.
- Improving performance of a business application, like improving infrastructure, storage allocation, database indexes.
- Improving user interface of a Business Application, like improving usability, creating automatically wizards, shortcuts and so on.
- Improving data model of a business application based on data-mining results.
- Creating new release of a software application based on data analysis,