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Daniel Szego

Friday, September 28, 2018

Fabric composer tips and tricks - auto increment id of an asset

Classical problem is at Hyperledger Fabric composer that one want to auto increment the id of a newly created asset or participant. On way of reaching it that we query at the creation process all the number of the already existing assets and we simple increase the id by one. The following code demonstrates an example code:

    const assetReg = await getAssetRegistry(namespace + '.Asset');   
    let existingAssets = await assetReg.getAll();
    let numberOfAssets = 0;
    await existingAssets .forEach(function (asset) {
      numberOfAssets ++;

    let newAssetId =  numberOfAssets +1;

Certainly, the construct does not protect from "double spending": if two assets will be created in the same round, both might get the same id, so one will be discarded as invalid. One way can be to overcome the difficulties is to use beside the incremented asset id another input parameter of the asset, like the asset name.