...by Daniel Szego
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Daniel Szego

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Notes on Bitcoin Script and data flow programming

It is usually not well-known but bitcoin has a built in language called the bitcoin script which is a non-turing complete language to implement custom logic and payment control flow. As examples, locking and unlocking scripts are implemented by the bitcoin script language. The language itself is executed sequential with the help of a stack, simply consuming the exiting state and combining the unlocking script which is the input with the locking script that can be regarded as a business logic itself behind the computation. 

Ethereum extended the basic idea of bitcoin to a general programmable framework extending the internal script language to a Turing complete virtual machine. However, we can imagine the opposite extension possibility as well. Bitcoin script can be imagined as a set of if-then statements or a set of rules where the execution should not necessarily be defined in a sequential way. The working mechanism of script can be defined parallel as well giving the possibility to several parallel but not necessary Turing complete computational paradigms. Such paradigms might be for example:
- any data-flow programming language or environment
- simple knowledge base of it then rules. 
- and-or networks of direct electrical or digital circuits
- computation models of quantum computing, like quantum circuits
- artificial neural networks or similar learning structures
- biological inspired computation models, like low entropy model specification or NeuroML