...by Daniel Szego
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Daniel Szego

Monday, November 12, 2018

Notes on DevOps, agile development and maintenance cost

Surprisingly, techniques like DevOps and Agile did not actually make the software industry easier or user-friendlier. The facts of automated and regular software deliveries made certainly possible to adapt the software more frequently on the user requirements, however they made the maintenance and operation of the software more difficult. Simply put running a software that has daily delivery is not easy, but the biggest problem is that most of the software components do not run individually, but with the help of docent or hundreds further software and software modules together. If you consider that each of these software can be released on a daily basis and usually documentation is the last priority of these systems, it surely results an enormous cost in maintenance, if it is possible at all. 

On solution might be the appearance of the AI based software configuration and maitainance systems. I mean from a pure theoretical point of view, there might be the idea of making our software systems simpler, but to be realistic, that is not going to happen.