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Daniel Szego

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Comparing cryptocurrencies with Hyperledger Fabric

Based on the framework of the previous blog and dimensions, we can compare different cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin with Hyperledger Fabric. The characteristics of cryptocurrencies can be seen on the following picture:

The properties of Hyperledger Fabric can be seen on the following picture:

As the comparison shows as well, there are some major differences between the two technologies. As cryptocurrencies are intended to be a public network, Hyperledger Fabric is for consortium use-cases. This fact is visible on the transaction scope, higher transaction privacy, and better performance. Hyperledger Fabric implements a modular consensus mechanism, with several different algorithms, ranging from simple fault tolerance to simple Byzantine fault tolerance (maximum one node error). Another major difference is that Hyperledger Fabric does not implement any kind of a tokens, neither internal, nor external. Of course, transaction semantics is different as well, Hyperledger Fabric has a general purpose smart contract language however cryptocurrencies usually concentrate on one digital asset.