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Daniel Szego

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Generating Solidity from Hyperledger Fabric Composer: enums

Translating enums from Hyperledger Fabric Composer to Solidity is pretty straightforward for the first run. You can one to one associate a Fabric Composer enum to a Solidity enum:

Hyperledger Fabric Composer:

enum TestEnum {
  o one
  o two
  o three


enum TestEnum {
However the exact functioning might be a little bit different from time to time. As an example, in Fabric Composer enums are defined on the global level and handled generally, however in solidity enums are defined on a smart contract level, meaning that if you want to use the same enum  in more variables in several contracts you should define in each of the contracts or put it into an ancestor class and precisely define smart contract inheritance.