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Daniel Szego

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Hashgraph SDK Tips and Tricks - logging error

If you use the Hashgraph SDK demo applications for prototype development, you can recognize that debugging the applications is not so simple. What you can do is to start a separate console window, just for the errors and you can log every important ´piece of information or errors to this special console, like:

/** a console window for errors */
public Console errorconsole;
  public void init(Platform platform, long id) {
    this.errorconsole = platform.createConsole(true);

  protected void LogException(Exception e) {
    errorconsole.out.println(e.toString()+" "+e.getMessage()+" ");

  protected void LogMessage(String message) {

Unfortunately, it does not work if you want to log from your state object.