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Daniel Szego

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Proof of work in a multi-hash Blockchain structure

A proof of work can be realized in a multi hash structure blockchain as well as we have already seen in our previous blog as well. Let we imagine the fact, that the blocks in the blockchain are connected not by one but by several hash pointers. These hash pointers might be totally independent from each other, however they might be dependent as well Supposing we want to have proof of work in such a structure, we have several options: 
1. There is one hash pointer with nonce playing the role alone in proof of work
2. Each hash has a nonce, and the proof of work is equable distributed among the nonces
3. Each hash has a nonce, but the proof of work is distributed among the nonces in a weighted way.

Further difference is that the mechanism should work differently independently if there is a reset in the blockchain or not. In case of a reset, one hash pointer will be simply set to zero, as the on, or other ones should run on an increased difficulty. It is easier at an equable distributed difficulty, it might be a little bit more challenging at a weighted distribution.