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Daniel Szego

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Hashgraph SDK Tips and Tricks - implementing your first application

If you already started to implement your first application with the Hedera Hashgraph SDK as it was summarized in the previous blog, you should continue with the following:

1. Extend your State class with additional elements storing state variables, like lists, arrays, hashmaps.

2. Rewrite the copy functions of your State class to cover the newly introduced state variables. 

3. Implement custom query functions in the State class to query the newly introduced state variables. 

4. Rewrite the init function of the Main class, to use any kind of custom initialization. Like, you can query the setup up parameters of the config file with platform.getParameters(), or you can create new consoles or windows with the platform.createConsole(true) and platform.createWindow(true) functions.

5. Rewrite the run() function of the Main class to run any kind of the required custom logic for your node.