...by Daniel Szego
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Daniel Szego

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Tools for decentralized requirement engineering

Requirement engineering in an enterprise context can be a pretty tough problem, especially at discussing with ever participants and stake and stockholder of the project and achieving a common decision. It will be even more difficult in the context of a consortium blockchain solution as not only a participants of one but several companies should be taken into account. Achieving a common decision in such a situation might be a nightmare. What we would need are tools for the decentralized requirement and process engineering. Like a common dashboard on the process or requirements must be presented with several possible governance algorithms where the participants can vote or modify the process or the requirements based on different interest. Based on the outcome of the decentralized process engineering, the final blockchain system can be designed. The requirement or process engineering can be itself supported by blockhain and of course everything that has anythin to do with on-chain governance will help a lot.