...by Daniel Szego
"On a long enough timeline we will all become Satoshi Nakamoto.."
Daniel Szego

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Smart browsers: on web browser and crypto-blockchain integration

The next stage of the blockchain-crypto adaptation might be if we imagine strong integration possibilities between web browsers and the blockchain crypto space. One similar example is metamask that provides several useful functionalities that can be used with decentralized applications driven by ethereum. Metamask is however only a plugin for chrome. Web browsers should support blockchain - crypto applications in a native way. Actually, there should not be very much difference between a web browser and a crypto-wallet. Instead a new concept should be introduced, Web3 browser or perhaps smart browser, that integrates crypto-blockchain functionalities with classical web browser elements. As there are already initiatives in this direction, like Mist wallet, however Mist is pretty much a geek tool without having too much support for standard users. Successful smart browser, or Web3 browsers should be initiated by traditional browser providers.